From the archives: Prodigy

Back in the day my first foray into massive online services that weren’t BBS’s was Prodigy. I got a Sears credit card and they gave me a free account when it started out. I stayed on for a few years and had a blast talking to tons of people. I have nothing but fond memories of it.

About 5 or 6 years ago I was being dragged along to flea markets in the middle of Pennsylvania when I ran across a brand new, in-box copy of Prodigy 1.1 for Windows. I carried around for a few years and had it on the shelf but my inner spartan got the better of me so I decided to immortalize it with scans. I’ve got more old software that I scanned I’ll be releasing when I can find them. AHEM, Kai’s Power Tools 1.0 anyone? Enjoy!

Download the full size scans.

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