Let’s talk about “Pod Brain”

There’s a phenomenon in podcasting that I’m going to call “Pod Brain.” It’s something that happens after you finish recording a successful podcast. The phenomenon is that you’re usually exhausted and can’t remember almost anything that just happened for the past hour or so (depending on your recording time.)

I was talking with Jordan Harbinger last night to see if he had the same experience and he agreed with me that Pod Brain exists. I’ve recorded almost a thousand podcasts in the last 5 years and when the good ones are done I can’t remember a damn thing until I go back for the edit.

What I do remember are the bad shows. The ones where the guest was off, the host was off, where I was off, or the content just didn’t land. The terrible shows will stick with you like dog poop on a sneaker and you can’t shake them.

I’m not a neuroscientist but my theory is that when you’re engaged with the show and/or guest, your brain is working overtime to be in the moment, listening intently, and keeping the show on the rails and that there’s no extra juice for you to take your short term memories and transfer them to long term storage. It’s only when I go back and edit the shows that I can remember what was said. But after the first few hundred shows you get an instinct to know if a show was good or not just by how you feel when it’s over.

This happens to producers as well as people on the show. When I’m producing an episode of The Jordan Harbinger Show I’m on with Jordan and the guest and even though I’m not actually speaking on the show for the most part, I’m watching audio levels, listening to the conversation so I can do real time research, write jokes, or scan ahead in the show prep to see where the conversation can go. So I’m just as engaged in the process as the two people on the mic.

I’m curious if any other podcasters have experienced this. Leave your comments below and also link to your show so I can check it out. But the takeaway from this is that if you can remember a show as soon as you’re done you should probably hit delete.

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  1. That’s funny. I have never seen it described that way but I suffer it. When I am doing an interview I am constantly scrambling and have almost amnesia. I don’t know how the interview has gone until editing it sometimes. There are times that I think it was really weird or off and when I listen later it’s not too bad. Other times I think everything is going great and when listening back my transitions suck and I say “that’s cool” every other question sequence and the guest is noticeably annoyed at something.

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