Podcasting Intro



Hi, I’m Jason DeFillippo and I’ve been podcasting professionally for about 5 years. I’ve been a fan of podcasts since they were invented and have always been fascinated by the medium. I was working for The Art of Charm as a technical consultant and became friends with Jordan Harbinger who taught me enough about podcasting to get started with my own show Grumpy Old Geeks.

I retired from website building after 20 years and threw myself into learning everything there is to know about podcasting. Eventually I transitioned out of tech altogether and became the producer for The Art of Charm. As my skills grew and I became more proficient I started teaching what I’d learned to people starting their own shows. When Tim Ferriss got into podcasting I helped him with equipment and recording tips and eventually became the full-time editor for his show. He even thanked me in the back of his book Tools of Titans

I have a very short list of clients who I still work with and I’m not currently taking on anyone new. All of my time is spent producing The Art of Charm, working with my handful of clients, and Grumpy Old Geeks. I created this website because I want a place to share the things I’ve learned and to debunk a lot of terrible advice about podcasting that’s been circulating. So keep an eye on the blog for those articles which will be starting very soon. 

For a list of the shows I’ve worked on keep scrolling down.