As an independent contractor and owner of my own business I’ve worked on the following podcasts.

Build with Rob – 2020 – Present
Location Sound and Editor

For this project I worked with Rob Dyrdek’s team to build out their Beverly Hills studio. I outfitted it with 4 Shure SM7B’s and a MixPre-10 that is also capable of doing remote shows through Riverside.fm. I coordinate the sound with the video editors and do all the final editing for the audio version of the podcast.

Follow Your Different and Lochhead on Marketing with Chris Lochhead – 2019 – Present
Editor and Consultant

For these two shows I work closely with Chris to soundcheck and edit the remote shows. I also built out his studio with a Shure SM7B and a MixPre-6. Together we’ve done almost 200 episodes of the shows combined.

The Kara Goldin Show – 2020 – Present

For Kara’s show I soundcheck all the remote shows with the guests and edit 2 episodes a week. I also mastered the Audible version of her audio book. We recently surpassed 50 episodes together.

The Art of Charm – Jan 2013 – Jan 2018
Executive Producer / Co-Host / Editor

At The Art of Charm I helped take the show from 25k downloads a day to over 250k downloads per day. My responsibilities included but were not limited to, identifying and booking guests, engineering remote calls through a bank of Mac Minis and Skype before tools like Zencastr came to market, ad sales, production coordination of a 4 person team, co-hosting a weekly show, occasional editing, marketing. We created over 300 episodes during my tenure there with 99% of the guests being remote.

The Jordan Harbinger Show – Feb 2018 – May 2020
Executive Producer / Co-Host / Editor

“Jason is one of the best producers in podcasting, hands-down. The difference between a show that sounds good and a show that sounds great is whatever magic he’s using after I hang up my headphones, and the difference between a real producer and someone who just edits audio files is night and day. If you’ve ever heard one of the larger interview podcasts, you’ve heard Jason’s work. If the conversation sounded flawless, then you know he’s left his mark.”

~ Jordan Harbinger, Host, The Jordan Harbinger Show and formerly The Art of Charm

After the Art of Charm disbanded we picked up again with The Jordan Harbinger show where I did all of the previous duties but became the show’s full-time editor as well. We started the show in February with no audience and in the next 11 months won the award for one of Apple’s Most Downloaded New Shows of 2018.

The Tim Ferriss Show – 2016 – 2018
Editor and Consultant

“Jason has been an integral part of my show’s success and knows both the tech and business inside out.”

~ Tim Ferriss, Bestselling author and host of The Tim Ferriss Show

For The Tim Ferriss Show I was the main editor for over 150 episodes including the award winning Jamie Foxx episode that got the Product Hunt Episode of the Year award. I also consulted with the host on best podcasting practices, gear, and techniques. I have the top acknowledgement in Tim’s book Tools of Titans as the person who taught him the most about podcasting.

Grumpy Old Geeks – Mar 2013 – Present
Co-founder and Co-host

Grumpy Old Geeks is my personal show where we discuss what went wrong on the Internet and who’s to blame. My co-host and I have over 500 episodes of this weekly show and a following of 10k listeners every week.

The Data Chief – 2020 – 2021
Co-producer and Editor

This was a single series podcast for Mission.org in conjunction with Thoughtspot where we interviewed Chief Data Officers in a variety of companies. The first season was a 22 episode run. I did all of the remote engineering and editing as well as client and guest relations.

Joi’s Conversations with Joi Ito

“Jason understands podcasting from content, to tech to distribution – soup to nuts. He’s a great teacher – practical, technically accurate and fun. I can’t imagine anyone better to learn from.”

~ Joi Ito, Former Director, MIT Media Lab and host of Conversations with Joi Ito

The Gladiator Way
Producer and Editor

After-On with Rob Reid
Editor and Consultant

Noah Kagan Presents
Editor and VO

Other Work

Foodist with Darya Rose, Ph.D

“Jason is my podcasting guru. No matter what question comes up he always has the easiest, most efficient and most effective solution at his finger tips. I trust him completely with the technical stuff, so I can focus on creating the best content.”

~ Darya Pino Rose Ph.D, Author, neuroscientist, and host of The Foodist Podcast 

The Kevin Rose Show & Modern Finance (MoFi)

“Jason has helped me on so many fronts, from podcast equipment selection to fixing my numerous recording errors. He’s a rockstar and a true professional.”

~ Kevin Rose 


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