The Kevin Rose Show

The Kevin Rose Show

Jason has helped me on so many fronts, from podcast equipment selection to fixing my numerous recording errors. He’s a rockstar and a true professional.

— Kevin Rose

I’ve been friends with Kevin for over 10 years so when he needed an editor for his new podcast I gladly jumped in. 

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Foodist Podcast

Foodist with Darya Rose, Ph.D

Jason is my podcasting guru. No matter what question comes up he always has the easiest, most efficient and most effective solution at his finger tips. I trust him completely with the technical stuff, so I can focus on creating the best content.

— Darya Pino Rose Ph.D, Author, neuroscientist, and host of The Foodist Podcast

I’ve been editing Darya’s show for quite some time and have even been a guest!

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Joi’s Conversations Podcast

Joi’s Conversations

Jason understands podcasting from content, to tech to distribution – soup to nuts. He’s a great teacher – practical, technically accurate and fun. I can’t imagine anyone better to learn from.

— Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab and host of Conversations with Joi Ito

Joi Ito is a very old friend so when he started podcasting I helped coach him on some of the technical aspects of podcasting, hosting, and recording.

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Does It Have Legs?

Does It Have Legs?

This show started out as an experiment on using 3 USB microphones on the same Mac and morphed into a test on the uselessness of “New & Noteworthy” placement in iTunes. It eventually found a home as a way for me to hang out with friends and talk about old movies. With 40+ episodes in the can it’s not very frequent or polished but it’s a lot of fun.

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The Art of Charm

The Art of Charm Podcast

I joined the podcasting team at The Art of Charm as a producer to help the host Jordan Harbinger expand his already successful show. We worked together day in day out for 4 years until the show ended abruptly at the beginning of 2018 in a hostile takeover. Besides producing the show I was also an editor, co-host, and got to work with one of the best podcasting teams in the industry. My relationship with the company ended on February 1st, 2018. I’m not responsible for any content produced after that date.