Boot to the Head Friday

Special Dark Sugar D and Aniviel have a minor disagreement before one of the Resistance Pro shows.

I feel like I got booted in the head this morning. We went to go see my buddy/trainer Tommy play a show last night and was so wired from having such a great time I knocked back a few zzzquil’s to make sure I could get some sleep. Oh I certainly slept and should probably still be sleeping. I like getting up early, making some tea and listening to Jordan Cooper’s The Morning Dump when he does it live. It’s a nice way to wake up. Now though I’ve got less than 2 hours to finish prepping for Grumpy Old Geeks and this gallon of black tea hasn’t kicked in yet. I don’t want to overdo it though and turn into Cornholio on the show. That’s happened before. It’s not pretty.

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Internet Outrage Machine #12 Superfish Jimmy Snuka

iom_logoOn this week’s show, Jason DeFillippo and Alex Knight join us to judge & score the outrage at the Oscars, Lenovo’s preloaded adware on laptops, Jessica Williams declining the Daily Show host chair, Rudy Giuliani claiming the president doesn’t love America, strip-searching students, offensive Black History Month menus, and play a game of “Worse Than Hitler”.

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Hemingway? No Way!

Robert Fogarty decided he wanted to go “Full Hemingway” for Halloween back in 2012. I was down in San Diego a few days before and we went out on a cruise of the harbor and I snapped this shot of him. The harbor tours in San Diego are might fun and even better when you bring along your own literary hero.

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