So, this is what I shot today while walking around with my new Nikon D810. It’s just a crappy sign at one of the local burger joints but if you right click here and select Save As… and zoom into the full res (it’s a 3.5 meg file so probably best not to do it on your phone) you can see that it’s a thing of beauty. I shot this on aperture priority at 200 ISO at f/4 with my Nikkor 50mm 1.8D lens. Just a quick shot while I was out grabbing coffee. It took me 2 years to save up for this thing. I hoarded away tons of Amazon credit and it is worth it. It’s my first full-frame DSLR and it was worth the wait. My D7100 is a damn fine camera and I’ve gotten a ton of great stuff with it but as someone who used to shoot large and medium format it’s nice to be back into the land of ridiculous fidelity. I’ll be posting a lot more photos in the future because I feel like I have a worthy camera now for all the time I’ve spent behind the lens.