Internet Outrage Machine #18 #BabyGotCat

iom_logoOn this week’s show, Jason DeFillippo and Victor Agreda Jr. join us to judge & score the outrage at Gwyneth Paltrow’s SNAP challenge, ESPN’s Britt McHenry berating of a towing company, Michael Buble’s “nice butt” photo on Instagram, Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, a Texas veterinarian arrowing a cat, Netflix’s lack of audio descriptions for the visually impaired, Woolworth’s ANZAC tribute, and play a game of “Worse Than Hitler”.

Poopcasting FTW

Photo © by Jason DeFillippo. Some Rights Reserved.

I won this little guy for entering a contest on The Morning Dump podcast. It’s run by Jordan Cooper who also does Tech Douchebags and Internet Outrage Machine, both of which I’ve been a guest on. They’re not huge podcasts but they are all well produced and entirely entertaining. So when Jordan was running an April Fools contest I entered. I spent $25 on my entry to win an $8 toy. But the thing is it wasn’t about winning anything. It’s about supporting shows I like.

Small podcasters need support. It’s that simple. If I like a show I sign up for their Patreon page, buy their t-shirts, and use their affiliate links. As a small podcaster myself with 3 shows I know how hard it is to build an audience and how some times it feels like you’re talking into the void all alone.

Not only do these little gestures help pay the bills but it shows that you appreciate what they do enough to do something about it. There are a LOT more of us small indy shows out there than the big ones and I love that. If I’m in the mood to hear people talking on just about any topic under the sun I can find a podcast about it in under 5 minutes. Yes, a lot of them suck. But even the ones that suck are still interesting and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

If you listen to independent shows do yourself a favor and throw them some love from time to time. It’s not going to make anyone rich but it’ll keep them doing the shows they do because for the most part this is all a labor of love. And every big show started small so pretend you’re back in high school listening to your favorite punk band and when they break you can say you knew them when they were still cool and sell that vintage t-shirt on EBay for big bucks.

We’ve got a page of shows we like over at Grumpy Old Geeks but it’s a bit out of date so I plan on adding a few in soon and since that’s a joint page with me and Brian I’ll probably maintain a page here as well that’s more up to date.

You can get your very own poop emoji plush doll here. I highly recommend it because flinging real poo at your friends isn’t really socially acceptable.

Sex Nerd Sandra at NerdMelt

This was a post I wrote back in 2011 for and wanted to save it for posterity :-)

2 weeks ago, friend of the blog Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm invited me out to see him talk on the Sex Nerd Sandra podcast at NerdMelt. The NerdMelt space is technically in the back of Meltdown Comics on Sunset but the theater is a 3-way collaboration between Meltdown, Chris Hardwick and Geek Chic Daily where they basically film live podcast tapings. As a long time fan of the Nerdist podcast I was excited to go.

The theater is in the back of Meltdown so the first thing I did was put my head down and stare directly at my shoes as I made my way to the back to avoid any impulse buys before I even got to the show. I’m terrible in comics shops and never make it out without my bag being heavier and my wallet extremely lighter. The theater also doubles as an art gallery which is nice since it gives you something to do when you get there too early and desperately don’t want to step foot in the store and spend all your lunch money for the week.

I do have a few complaints about the theater but not many. The damn bathroom door wouldn’t close which some twat had to figure out in the middle of the show by repeatedly slamming the door which was partly the theaters fault for having such a shitty door and the twats fault for being so twatty. There was also no AC or fans which made it a bit too hot. PRO-TIP: Sitting by the door in the back definitely helps. Lastly the chairs were really crappy and after sitting in them for 2 hours straight really put a hurting on the old ass parts. Definitely not enough to keep me from coming back but something they should really fix. Especially that bathroom door!

The podcast taping actually ran for 2 hours total and was a really good time. Besides Sandra and Jordan they were joined by comedian Dave Ross who is a seriously funny guy. You really have to check his stuff out. It was a sex podcast but sadly no one was having any so they just talked about it a lot. As far as podcast tapings go I was a little more sober than I usually am (I’ve only ever been to Diggnation tapings and you tend to never remember those) so it was pretty cool to actually remember the whole thing the next day ;-) The panel shared advice and funny as hell stories that I definitely encourage you to check out. The mix of humor along with the sex and relationship talk make for a great combo. All in all it was a great time and cheaper than a movie. You can check out the episode here and the NerdMelt calendar here. Go grab some tickets and catch a show!

Internet Outrage Machine #12 Superfish Jimmy Snuka

iom_logoOn this week’s show, Jason DeFillippo and Alex Knight join us to judge & score the outrage at the Oscars, Lenovo’s preloaded adware on laptops, Jessica Williams declining the Daily Show host chair, Rudy Giuliani claiming the president doesn’t love America, strip-searching students, offensive Black History Month menus, and play a game of “Worse Than Hitler”.

Internet Outrage Machine #6 Fish Prison

iom_logoOn this week’s show, Victor Agreda Jr. and Jason DeFillippo join us to judge & score the outrage at the Charlie Hebdo shooting, selfie sticks at CES, a Celebrity Apprentice firing over Bill Cosby, Marriott blocking wifi hotspots, anti-vaxxers embracing the Amish, the Starbucks Flat White, the return of foie gras in California, and play a game of “Worse Than Hitler”.

Internet Outrage Machine #4 Little Baby Jesus Lizard

iom_logoOn this week’s show, Kelly Guimont and Jason DeFillippo join us to judge & score the outrage at the Xbox Live & PlayStation Network outage over the holidays, Facebook’s ‘Year In Review’, Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s tweets on Christmas, the FCC rejecting “redskins” as hate speech, manspreading, a disk jockey’s on-air rimjob, and play a game of “Worse Than Hitler”.

Pandemics for fun & profit

Note: Originally posted on Wed, 13 May 2009.

A few weeks ago the internet was waking up to the news that there was a possible pandemic sweeping the world. Twitter was abuzz with people going a bit loony about what was then known as Swine Flu. In a rather uncharacteristic fit of ambition I whipped up a quick site to take the piss out of the doom and gloom sayers. Thus was born. The site took me 10 minutes to make and a $15.95 domain registration fee investment. I thought I’d try to make the registration fee back by linking to my Amazon associate account. What happened next was just pure awesomesauce. I posted the link on Twitter to my approx. 1100 followers and that was the extent of my self-promotion. You can see the traffic history from the graph below.


So after the first day I checked my Amazon account and I made $25. Jackpot! I was up $10 so as far as I was concerned the site was a total success. But that was just the beginning… As the hysteria grew about the swine flu so did my traffic. On April 30th the site peaked with 163,471 unique visitors. The drop off after that was pretty dramatic as people moved onto the next big thing. But the net result of this little 10 minute project was stunning even to me. You can see the final result below.


The site is dead now and someone bought the domain after I let it drop but I’m still learning my lessons from the experience. I have these little ideas all the time but almost never act on them. It always seems that it’s not worth the time or effort but this has opened my eyes. Act on everything. You never know which ones will work but the ones that never get made are guaranteed to fail.