• 2016-09-12-05-30-32

Fuzzy Nose

Since she likes to wake me up at 5am to pee every day I thought it fair to get a photo to commemorate it today....
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  • 2016-08-28-11-54-54

Waiting for Fall

It’s been so hot and miserable most of the time Bam Bam just sleeps or looks out the windows all day until the sun goes down and we can go out and walk....
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  • Bam-Bam-after-the-storm

Bam Bam After the Storm

We had an epic set of storms today and she wasn’t having anything to do with it. After they rolled past she crashed on the couch for a bit so I snuck a quick shot....
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  • 2013-07-10-11-21-37

Bob and Staci got Hitched!

Well they got hitched 3 years ago as a matter of fact and it dawned on me I never posted the photos! So here they are in all their hitching glory. Happy anniversary you crazy kids!...
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Catch with Bam Bam

A video posted by Jason DeFillippo (@jpd) on Feb 18, 2016 at 9:07am PST One of the many things I love about this puppy is that I have a reason to pull out my cameras and take photos. I was...
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Internet Outrage Machine #18 #BabyGotCat

On this week’s show, Jason DeFillippo and Victor Agreda Jr. join us to judge & score the outrage at Gwyneth Paltrow’s SNAP challenge, ESPN’s Britt McHenry berating of a towing company, Michael Buble’s “nice butt” photo on Instagram, Hillary Clinton’s...
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Poopcasting FTW

I won this little guy for entering a contest on The Morning Dump podcast. It’s run by Jordan Cooper who also does Tech Douchebags and Internet Outrage Machine, both of which I’ve been a guest on. They’re not huge podcasts...
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Sex Nerd Sandra at NerdMelt

This was a post I wrote back in 2011 for blogging.la and wanted to save it for posterity :-) 2 weeks ago, friend of the blog Jordan Harbinger from The Art of Charm invited me out to see him talk on...
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Internet Outrage Machine #12 Superfish Jimmy Snuka

On this week’s show, Jason DeFillippo and Alex Knight join us to judge & score the outrage at the Oscars, Lenovo’s preloaded adware on laptops, Jessica Williams declining the Daily Show host chair, Rudy Giuliani claiming the president doesn’t love...
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  • PR044__What’s_new_in_podcast_gear__software_and_apps____Podcasters__Roundtable

Podcasters Roundtable 44: What’s New in Podcast Gear, Software and Apps.

Last week I was on the Podcasters Roundtable talking about new gear and toys in podcasting. Check out the show page to watch the video version and get the show notes. Or you can listen to the audio in the...
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