MXV keeping it clean

MXV Keeping it clean

One of the trade-off’s MXV and I made is that I mow the grass in the summer and he blows the snow in the winter. After breaking my leg on the ice last year I’ve got some serious PTSD about walking in the snow and ice. I help with some light shoveling to clean up what the blower can’t get if it’s not too slippery. I’m not going through that again if I can help it.

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Jocephus waits to wrestle

Jocephus from Resistance Pro Wrestling waits to wrestle. This was the first night I took out my new Nikon D7100. I shot this handheld from the front row. It’s a little grainy since I was shooting at 6400 and testing the limits of what the new camera can do. I didn’t use any noise reduction on it and while the results are fine for the web I wouldn’t want to put this on any kind of larger print without some serious post production.

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