Bam Bam in Illinois #1

I’m getting to the point where I can start bringing out my cameras again. You can tell I’m rusty from the focus point on this shot. But I wanted a new photo of her out there since it’s been ages. She hates the phone but still poses for the big ass camera. There’s something in the iPhones that freaks animals out. You think I’m loony? Watch this video.

Anyway, I’ve put my camera in the living room instead of a closet and will be using it more and more because besides the dog it’s the one thing that relaxes me and takes me away from the computer. Until it brings me back to process and post ;-)

Catch with Bam Bam

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One of the many things I love about this puppy is that I have a reason to pull out my cameras and take photos. I was just playing fetch with her this morning and thought why not do a slo-mo of her coming down the hall and boom, here it is. I have a lot of other video from my DSLR that I can’t get into Instagram so it’ll go in the big “growing up” video montage that I’ll make sometime before I’m dead. I have video of Bam and Ava playing from almost every single day we let them out. I wanted Ava in there for scale so you can see how fast this dog is growing. It’s nuts.

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Today she turns 16 weeks old and on Monday she gets her last round of shots which signals the release from living exclusively in the front yard for her outside time. I seriously can’t wait to take her out and see the world because frankly, I’m sick of the damn front yard too!

P.S., The noise in the video is her chewing on the squeaky bit in the end of her skunk toy.

An Evening with Tim Ferriss

On Thursday I went to see my friend Tim Ferriss do his first live podcast at the Troubadour here in Los Angeles. I had to come home to the puppy early but I got to see a bunch of the show and took a few photos for those of you that couldn’t be there. Hopefully he’ll do more in the future and you should definitely check them out. Reminded me of the good old Diggnation days!



So, this is what I shot today while walking around with my new Nikon D810. It’s just a crappy sign at one of the local burger joints but if you right click here and select Save As… and zoom into the full res (it’s a 3.5 meg file so probably best not to do it on your phone) you can see that it’s a thing of beauty. I shot this on aperture priority at 200 ISO at f/4 with my Nikkor 50mm 1.8D lens. Just a quick shot while I was out grabbing coffee. It took me 2 years to save up for this thing. I hoarded away tons of Amazon credit and it is worth it. It’s my first full-frame DSLR and it was worth the wait. My D7100 is a damn fine camera and I’ve gotten a ton of great stuff with it but as someone who used to shoot large and medium format it’s nice to be back into the land of ridiculous fidelity. I’ll be posting a lot more photos in the future because I feel like I have a worthy camera now for all the time I’ve spent behind the lens.

Internet Outrage Machine #18 #BabyGotCat

iom_logoOn this week’s show, Jason DeFillippo and Victor Agreda Jr. join us to judge & score the outrage at Gwyneth Paltrow’s SNAP challenge, ESPN’s Britt McHenry berating of a towing company, Michael Buble’s “nice butt” photo on Instagram, Hillary Clinton’s campaign logo, a Texas veterinarian arrowing a cat, Netflix’s lack of audio descriptions for the visually impaired, Woolworth’s ANZAC tribute, and play a game of “Worse Than Hitler”.

Poopcasting FTW

Photo © by Jason DeFillippo. Some Rights Reserved.

I won this little guy for entering a contest on The Morning Dump podcast. It’s run by Jordan Cooper who also does Tech Douchebags and Internet Outrage Machine, both of which I’ve been a guest on. They’re not huge podcasts but they are all well produced and entirely entertaining. So when Jordan was running an April Fools contest I entered. I spent $25 on my entry to win an $8 toy. But the thing is it wasn’t about winning anything. It’s about supporting shows I like.

Small podcasters need support. It’s that simple. If I like a show I sign up for their Patreon page, buy their t-shirts, and use their affiliate links. As a small podcaster myself with 3 shows I know how hard it is to build an audience and how some times it feels like you’re talking into the void all alone.

Not only do these little gestures help pay the bills but it shows that you appreciate what they do enough to do something about it. There are a LOT more of us small indy shows out there than the big ones and I love that. If I’m in the mood to hear people talking on just about any topic under the sun I can find a podcast about it in under 5 minutes. Yes, a lot of them suck. But even the ones that suck are still interesting and I wouldn’t want it any other way.

If you listen to independent shows do yourself a favor and throw them some love from time to time. It’s not going to make anyone rich but it’ll keep them doing the shows they do because for the most part this is all a labor of love. And every big show started small so pretend you’re back in high school listening to your favorite punk band and when they break you can say you knew them when they were still cool and sell that vintage t-shirt on EBay for big bucks.

We’ve got a page of shows we like over at Grumpy Old Geeks but it’s a bit out of date so I plan on adding a few in soon and since that’s a joint page with me and Brian I’ll probably maintain a page here as well that’s more up to date.

You can get your very own poop emoji plush doll here. I highly recommend it because flinging real poo at your friends isn’t really socially acceptable.