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Hi, I'm Jason DeFillippo and I've been podcasting professionally for about 5 years. I've been a fan of podcasts since they were invented and have always been fascinated by the medium. I was working for The Art of Charm as a technical consultant and became friends with Jordan Harbinger who taught me enough about podcasting to get started with my own show Grumpy Old Geeks.

I retired from website building after 20 years and threw myself into learning everything there is to know about podcasting. Eventually I transitioned out of tech altogether and became the producer for The Art of Charm. As my skills grew and I became more proficient I started teaching what I'd learned to people starting their own shows. When Tim Ferriss got into podcasting I helped him with equipment and recording tips and eventually became the full-time editor for his show. He even thanked me in the back of his book Tools of Titans

I have a very short list of clients who I still work with and I'm not currently taking on anyone new. All of my time is spent producing The Art of Charm, working with my handful of clients, and Grumpy Old Geeks. I created this website because I want a place to share the things I've learned and to debunk a lot of terrible advice about podcasting that's been circulating. So keep an eye on the blog for those articles which will be starting very soon. 

For a list of the shows I've worked on keep scrolling down.

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The Jordan Harbinger Show

“Jason is one of the best producers in podcasting, hands-down. The difference between a show that sounds good and a show that sounds great is whatever magic he’s using after I hang up my headphones, and the difference between a real producer and someone who just edits audio files is night and day. If you’ve ever heard one of the larger interview podcasts, you’ve heard Jason’s work. If the conversation sounded flawless, then you know he’s left his mark.”

Jordan HarbingerHost, The Jordan Harbinger Show

Since leaving The Art of Charm the team has rebranded and rebuilt from scratch. In the first 2.5 weeks of operation we hit #63 in all of iTunes. We're just getting started here so check it out and follow along at home. My duties on this show are producer, editor, co-host, and handyman.

The Jordan Harbinger Show website


Grumpy Old Geeks

What went wrong on the Internet and who's to blame.

I started this show with my old friend Brian Schulmeister and with over 260 episodes we're still going strong. This is a joy to make every week.

The Grumpy Old Geeks website

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The Art of Charm Podcast

Four years ago I joined the podcasting team at The Art of Charm as a producer to help the host Jordan Harbinger expand his already successful show. The show ended abruptly at the beginning of 2018. Besides producing the show I was also an editor, co-host, and got to work with one of the best podcasting teams in the industry. My relationship with the company ended on February 1st, 2018. I'm not responsible for any content produced after that date.

The Art of Charm Podcast website

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The Tim Ferriss Show

Jason has been an integral part of my show’s success and knows both the tech and business inside out.
— Tim Ferriss, Bestselling author and host of The Tim Ferriss Show

For several years I worked with Tim Ferriss and his team as an editor on his wildly popular podcast The Tim Ferriss Show. Over the course of my time with the show I edited over 100 episodes including the award winning Jamie Foxx episode. My last project was Tim's interview with Sir Richard Branson.

The Tim Ferriss Show website


Foodist with Darya Rose, Ph.D

Jason is my podcasting guru. No matter what question comes up he always has the easiest, most efficient and most effective solution at his finger tips. I trust him completely with the technical stuff, so I can focus on creating the best content.
— Darya Pino Rose Ph.D, Author, neuroscientist, and host of The Foodist Podcast

I've been editing Darya's show for quite some time and have even been a guest!

The Foodist Podcast website


Joi's Conversations

Jason understands podcasting from content, to tech to distribution - soup to nuts. He’s a great teacher - practical, technically accurate and fun. I can’t imagine anyone better to learn from.
— Joi Ito, Director, MIT Media Lab and host of Conversations with Joi Ito

Joi Ito is a very old friend so when he started podcasting I helped coach him on some of the technical aspects of podcasting, hosting, and recording.

The Joi Ito Conversations website

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The Kevin Rose Show

Jason has helped me on so many fronts, from podcast equipment selection to fixing my numerous recording errors. He’s a rockstar and a true professional.
— Kevin Rose

I've been friends with Kevin for over 10 years so when he needed an editor for his new podcast I gladly jumped in. 

The Kevin Rose Show website


Does It Have Legs?

This show started out as an experiment on using 3 USB microphones on the same Mac and morphed into a test on the uselessness of "New & Noteworthy" placement in iTunes. It eventually found a home as a way for me to hang out with friends and talk about old movies. With 40+ episodes in the can it's not very frequent or polished but it's a lot of fun.

The Does It Have Legs? website


Noah Kagan Presents

Jason has been a lifesaver in creating the Noah Kagan Presents podcast. I appreciate his dedication to creating high quality podcasts and amazing reliability.
— Noah Kagan, Founder, Sumo.com and the host of Noah Kagan Presents

I helped launch the show and edited the first 37 episodes. I also recorded the V.O. in the show's intro sequence.

The Noah Kagan Presents website


The Forbes List

This was a 15 episode show that was created by PodcastOne and hosted by Jordan Harbinger. I was the editor for the full run of the show.

The Forbes List on iTunes


The After On Podcast

Jason knows podcasting cold, both as a craft and as a business. He’s also the perfect coach - in equal parts ready with mentorship, praise, and constructive feedback. Launching a major novel and an ambitious podcast series on the same day is a wildly stressful and busy undertaking. Knowing that anything I entrusted to Jason was as good as done (and done perfectly) gave me boundless peace of mind. No way could I have taken this on without him.
— Rob Reid, Author, After On

I started working with Rob to create an 8 part add-on series for his novel After On. After the initial run Rob continued doing the show as a standard podcast. I stayed on as editor for 7 more episodes.

The After On Podcast website